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Revit Course

Revit Course

The 3D Training programs are unique because they are entirely production based to help participants gain the Building Information Modeling (BIM) experience required to enhance their marketability.
Detailed Description

Revit History

  • Listening and Temporary Dimensions
  • Wall Properties
  • Creating a Wall Element Type
  • Load from Family Windows
  • Loading Component
  • Placing Components
  • Introduction to Modern Medium Library Managing Views
  • Creating Floors
  • Roof by Footprint
  • Roof by Extrusion
  • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels
  • Creating Stairs
  • Modifying Stairs
  • Massing
  • Creating In-Place Masses Using Forms Extrusion
  • Import From Cad Reference Callouts
  • Creating Schedule and Quantities
  • Exporting Schedule Rooms
  • Separation Line and Boundaries
  • Structural Component Families
  • Title Block
  • Rendering
  • Walkthrough
  • Contours
  • Working with Linked Models
  • Customizing Project Settings
  • Creating and Modifying In-Place Families Family Creation
  • Creating a Sliding Window Family
  • Creating a New Furniture Family
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Family Creation with Adaptive Components Curtain Panel Pattern
  • Family Creation with Adaptive Components Grill Design
  • Family Editor Enhancements Reporting Parameter.
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